Thursday, 14 August 2008


i just so fucking in love with this guy


again he buzz me..well i just ignore him.

mood: sleepy

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

just wanna to let it out

i hate plastic..not the plastic know what i mean rite. yup that plastic. damn they so good at acting and pretending and "covering". i'm chatting with this dude (every time his on9 he will be invisible)..buzzing me. i thought he changed..(niat tue penting kalo na bekawan ngan org). so as it and chat and chat but nothing much to chat about (he so boring..ehe), someone sign in ym (my friend who doesn't know anything). all of sudden he stop replying my im. i found out he was chatting with my friend who happen to be sitting rite beside me..damn dude you so plastic. so continue with this plastic thingy..after my friend sign out that dude start buzzing me. wtf!! stop pretending as if i didn't know what u've been doing! like i said..i hate plastic and you so damn chicken.

there..i've let it out..(and if you so happen to read this..ya you. stop pretending and be a man)

Friday, 8 August 2008

this just happen today at 3 in the evening..demmit!

aku: "erlo.."
dia: "erlo..ida ke ni?"
aku: "aaa..sape ni?"
dia: "ehem ehem(name si dia)"
aku: "oh..haa. nape?"
dia: "ida taw tak arini ade quiz banking?"
aku: "kul bape..tade sape bitaw pun.."
dia: "kul 3 (sambil aku ngk jam di dinding..tahik la). ye ke..semlm tadtg claz ke?"
ida: "chapter bape? semlm mc baru pas operate."
dia: "3 ngan 4..lah ye ke. tapela nati ehem ehem(name si dia) bitaw lecturer ida mc."
ida: "k.."

great! i have no idea that i have replacement class and quiz today..and my so called concern classmate just inform me before the quiz started..just brilliant! bravo~