Saturday, 15 November 2008

study mode

bese la...exam tabis ag..uhuks. tapikan malas la na tade mood bila la nak bis nih..although ade ag 2 paper tasetel..yup international economics and another one is international banking and investment.

currently tgh study la nih for IE but benti jap sebab cam dah malas lak..lapa lak tuh.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008


oke..since last life is just the same and boring.. yup. 2nd paper da lepas (legal framework)..well to tell you the truth..i don't know how i did..all i know, that i've answered all the questions and my hand feel real bad with the 3 hours writting. so pas paper tuh pasrah and redha je la. then bis paper je tros gerak lik kl. tade mende na wat coz my next paper is on 16th of nov..oh..nothing much to do actually. all i did was makan..golek-golek..ngk with my cats..ape ag ek..tde kot.

oke skg kat melaka..baru smp tadi kul 9:30 ke kul 10:00 mlm. camtue la. then skg nih taleh na tdo so i decided to update my blog.

oh..aaaa..lupe are some pictures of my pregrad dinner..ehe..

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

my first paper.. last my final exam has just started. yup today is my 1st paper..fiqh muamalat..and guess what..some of the questions are from our test 1 and 2..uhu. yay for me (sambil tepuk2 tangan)..ehe. kire oke kot jawab tadi.oho.