Monday, 31 March 2008

currently tade mood..perbualan saye besame pacik

shapit: takpe.. sesi berkenalan
shapit: khohkohkho
ida dayana: keh keh keh
ida dayana: hye..
ida dayana: saye pinat
ida dayana: ape kabar?
ida dayana: salam perkenalan
ida dayana: sehat ke?
ida dayana: bikin ape tuh?
ida dayana: umo bape?
ida dayana: tgl katne ye?
ida dayana: ehe
shapit: ahahha
shapit: wek
shapit: erm
shapit: saye sapik
shapit: em sehat je
shapit: tgh chat2 je..
shapit: umo 43, tggl bukit bear
ida dayana: wahhhh
ida dayana: tua nye kamu
shapit: eh
shapit: takde la
shapit: bese2 je
shapit: kamu pule
shapit: sehat?
shapit: tggl mane?
ida dayana: ye kecm sebaya bapa saye je
shapit: asal mane?
ida dayana: oh
shapit: bape bradik
ida dayana: sehat je
shapit: blaja ke keje
ida dayana: suam suam buah
shapit: warna feveret?
ida dayana: tgl kat kesidang ni haaa
ida dayana: maseh blaja
ida dayana: ade la 5 beradik
ida dayana: suke mera
ida dayana: ehe
ida dayana: malo pule
shapit: ehe
shapit: yer ekk
shapit: mknn kegemaran?
shapit: minuman?
shapit: tarih laher?
ida dayana: pacik pule bagaimana
ida dayana: suke mkn pe?
ida dayana: bubor ke?
ida dayana: minom?
ida dayana: anlene?
ida dayana: kan kan kan
shapit: grr
ida dayana: tol tak tekaan saye
shapit: mana adelah
shapit: salah sama sekali!
shapit: jgn la pggl pacik
shapit: mude lg ni ha
shapit: trang tang tang lg..
ida dayana: mintak maap ye
ida dayana: saye da tebiase la

Saturday, 29 March 2008

busy darling~

Yup..and the only time i'm not busy is when i fall asleep..ehe..Been busy lately with all the classes, the assignment, the presentation, all the tests and quizzes. Well, what can i say more, it almost final examination and all things been moving too fast as if its been fast forward. Furthermore, the semester is short and stupid of me taken a lots of subjects. There is one time that I've cried because i can't stand all the tension, i got stress out..shit! Oh well life move on rite and I'm currently doing my group assignment and getting bored..uhu. So, stop for awhile and i start typing all this nonsense..ehe. By the way i am missing my "bucux cayunk", (lately been thinking of you a lots).

mode: missing you
watching: anime
props: hrm text book, tv remote and handphone
others: fruit tree apple aloe and chocolate hersheys

Saturday, 22 March 2008


time tuh bese je ag..tade la terok sgt..bese-bese je..bak kate meka suam-suam kuku..baru sket je aku study nih..sok ade test pule..then budak uma ajak makan. jam di screen menunjukkan kul 11:oo malam.

nana: jum g makan nak..lapa la.
aku: ala..banyak ag aku na kaver nih..tapaw bole..
sapi: jum je la..kejap je..
aku: tuh fara ngan pari ajak la skali.

so ktorg pun siap-siap na g makan. bole tahan ag time tuh. antibodi aku maseh kuat gak la time tuh. takuat pun aku wat-wat kuat "bole nih bole nih" dalam ati aku berkate-kate..ehe. lambat pule nasik aku nih. dabis makan balik la. sambung balik mane aku stop. huih..tatahan dah..tdo ar..redha je la sok..waktu itu dah kul 2:30 pagi. na tdo taleh pule badan terase semaken panas, pernafasan semaken laju, kepale semaken pening..ape na wat cube gak tok tdo. tah bape lame aku tdo tataw la. tetiba ada pule tah sape sentuh leher aku. tekejot aku..upernyer Sapi.

sapi: weh panas nye badan ko?!
aku: haaa...tahla. (panas la tahik..uhu)
sapi: aku basah kan badan ko ek..
aku: erm..
sapi: makan antibiotik aku ek.
aku: erm..

Sapi..Sapi..time kaseh ye..sayang ko!!

Monday, 17 March 2008


him and her

getting bored with my just drop by to update my so-called blog. *sigh*

Saturday, 15 March 2008


i thought everything is oke..but then it all started again. shit!! all those fucking promises..those stupid things you said..its all bullshit. stop pretending that you care. huh! and seriously i don't give a damn 'bout all the things that coming out from that mouth..yup your mouth. oh question..what the hell is wrong with you?

Saturday, 8 March 2008

waktu-waktu sengal

Iryani and Dayana

yup the one in blue is my sister..yani and i'm the one in red (my shoes jek..)..ehe. we were waiting for our "ayah" while he went for shopping..yup..*sigh* but then again i got to "paw" him a pair of new shoes..ehe. love it. oh ya..the one that snap this pix and click on the shutter was my lil sis..narin. yup..our "sengal" time at pertama complex..with our beloved parents..ehe. but it fun dowh. misses them. they in New Zealand as i typing down on this blog.

Friday, 7 March 2008

i just misses you

me & you and the sun is smiling on us

its been a couple of hours but i already miss my bantal pelok..ehe..hoping he misses me too..lalala~ darling i will be paying my "debt" as soon as i see you kay bucux..skali ngan prepaid..huh! oh ya..thanks for the lovely ride and the nasi ayam..uhu..muaxx~